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Star Glo
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  Star Glo Industries rubber rollers
Star Glo Industries
  Specialists in Precision Custom Rubber Molding
  • Precision Custom Molding
  • Rubber to Metal Specialists
  • Roller Specialist
  • Metal Components
  • Standard and Custom Rubber "O" Rings
  • Rubber Rollers: Platen Roller, Feed Roller, Drive Roller, Idler Roller, Silicone Roller
Star Glo Industries components

Star-Glo Industries was founded in 1950 and now occupies plant and office facilities of approximately 150,000 s.f. at one location. The company is privately owned and is a non-union shop. Star-Glo has steadily progressed to a leadership position in rubber and plastic to metal component parts and assemblies to the OEM. Complete vertical integration remains its cornerstone in the industry.

Business machine and equipment, electronics, welding, packaging, aerospace and transportation.


  • 4 Rep vertical rubber injection molding presses - 5 lb. shot.
  • 10 VanDoren plastic molding presses - 6 oz. shot.
  • 100 Transfer-Compression presses up to 15 ft.
  • Modern machine shop provides all metal inserts and roller shafts.
  • Modern mold making shop designs and builds all tooling.
  • Auto CAD R14 supports mold making and machine shop services.
  • Formulation development and mixing supervised by our own chemists.
  • Complete finishing assembly services and devoted floor space provided.

SGI is the largest vertically integrated manufacturer of rubber and plastic to metal component parts in the USA. Complete capabilities guarantee close quality control, realistic shipping dates and very competitive prices. Value-added and sub-assembly services are also available with adequate engineering support and dedicated floor space. Large modern machine and mold making shops produce every mold, fixture, shaft and insert in-house. Our lab develops and maintains a broad range of thermoset formulations. We routinely compression, transfer and injection mold and finish to the most precise tolerances. We mold in all thermoset and thermoplastic materials. SPC and JIT available on all products.

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Star Glo
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