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Metal Injection Molding (MIM)


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Metal Injection Molded Products

  • Automotive: Fuel Injection, Steering assembly, Window & Door hardware, Seating systems, Seat belt mechanisms, Engine management systems, sensors etc.
  • Fire arms: Sear, Hammer, Slide stop, Ejector, Sear housing, trigger, Safety lock components etc.
  • Power Tools: Nail guns, cordless drills, Sanders, Polishers, Stapling Guns, Power saws etc.
  • Hand Tools: Utility Knives, Small hand tools, torque wrench, wire crimping tools etc.
  • Locks & Hardware: Remote locks, Card locks, Magnetic locks, Combination locks, Striker Locks, specialty key blanks etc.
  • Sporting Goods: Fishing gear, Golf clubs, Shoe spikes archery products etc.
  • Telecom: Connector casings, fiber optics connectors, housings for power electronics, magnetic relay components etc.
  • Computer Hardware: printer/ scanner components, disc drive components, PCB latches, external data storage devices etc.
  • Medical/Surgical: Surgical forceps, endo-surgery equipments, body implants, dental braces etc,
  • Others: Water sprinklers, industrial spraying systems, laser equipments, hydraulic and pneumatic connectors, solenoid cores etc.

The Technology

MIM combines best of the worlds of Plastic Injection Molding and Powder Metal processes. Fine metal powders are mixed with a small percentage of binder system and injection molded into complex shapes. The molded components are then de-bound to get rid of plastic and sintered at a very high temperature to arrive at wrought like strength.



We produce all varieties of low alloy steels, stainless steels, magnetic alloys, Tungsten-Copper alloys, Copper-Nickel alloys, KOVAR, INVAR etc.

MIM material can be heat treated, plated, machined and cold worked very similar to corresponding wrought material. We have capabilities to carry out all varieties of secondary operations on the components where required.


Proto-type services

Have a part, difficult to machine, cast, not good in PM, Zinc die cast ? Want to integrate two parts into one? Feel spending too much money on investment cast component? Chemistry difficult to achieve? Material difficult to source? Plastic part not reliable? Feel free to send us the drawing.

Our in-house tool room equipped with CAD / CAM will build prototype samples in 2~4 weeks through MIM for you .

We have developed over 150 components to diverse industries worldwide in the last 36 months.

Automotive Gear Box
Part Fe+2%Ni - Case hardened

Rf Connector Case
(SS 304L)

Dot Matrix printer part
Fe+Si - En Plated

Firearm component
Fe+2%Ni - Heat Treated

Wrought like strength


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