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  Precision Resource  

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Fineblanking Applications

  • Automotive: seating, safety, powertrain, brakes, fuel, exhaust, general hardware.
  • Electronics: disc drives, printers, plotters, heat sinks.
  • Cutlery: multi-tool components, knife blades.
  • Tolls/Hardware: lawn and garden equipment, power tools, locks.
  • Construction and Hydraulics: engine side plates, heat exchanger baffles, hydraulic valve plates.

Fineblanking Characteristics

  • Eliminate Machining
  • Form in Two Dimensions
  • Reduce Costly Secondary Operations
  • Achieve Excellent Flatness

Who They Are:

  • 7 Divisions in 6 Manufacturing Plants: CT, CA, FL, KY, IL, Ontario
  • More than 120 Fineblanking Presses
  • Extensive secondary capabilities
  QS 9000 and ISO 9002 Certified  
  Precision Resource is one of the largest Fineblankers in North America. We serve our customers by utilizing the most (over 100) presses in the Fineblanking industry, ranging in size from 40 through 1400 tons. Our Fineblanking capabilities are complemented by a tremendous variety of secondary capabilities, which include cleanly sheared straight edges.
  Precision Resource machine  
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