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Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania




Facilities & Quality Control . . .

40,500 square foot modern facility



  • 45 Davenport 5-spindle automatic screw machines, 3/4" capacity
  • 6 Davenport chuckers for secondary operations
  • 5 Tornos Bechler, swiss type automatics, 3/8" capacity
  • 2 Escomatic, coil stock swiss type automatics, 1/4" capacity
  • 1 Hydromat, 12 station rotary transfer machine, 1 " capacity
  • 1 Brother CNC TC 228 mill/drill/tap center
  • 2 Hardinge CNC turret lathes, 1-5/8" capacity
  • 1 Hardinge automatic turret lathe, 1 - 1 /1 6" capacity
  • 1 Hardinge hand turret lathe, 1 - 1 /1 6" capacity
  • 2 Ty Miles 24" vertical broaches
  • 1 Speed-Fam abrasive lapping table
  • 2 Royal Master centerless grinders
  • 2 Sheffield microform grinders
  • 1 Hybco form cutter grinder
  • Various drilling, milling, grinding and pressing equipment for secondary operations


    Quality Control

    Our quality plans are developed in coordination with the customer to reach their precise tolerance level. Some of the tools we use as part of our quality program include incoming material screening, operator inspections, SPC, machine set-up validations and inspections by our QC Department prior to each major step of a production process.

    Every machine operator at STADCO is trained in SPC and in the proper use and maintenance of quality control equipment. Operator inspections and SPC are integral to each production job.

    Every instruction and procedure we have written to date exceeds the level of detail required by ISO/QS 9000. This is because we take quality seriously! While ISO/QS 9000 is one of our goals, we do not see it as THE GOAL, but as a means to help us be a world class provider of precision machined parts.


    ISO Certified:
    ISO 9002:1994 WITH QS-9000:1998


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    Screw Machine Products

    • Metal inserts
    • Brass inserts
    • Plastic and rubber molding inserts
    • Pem nuts
    • Poppets
    • Armatures
    • Needle Valves

    Production & Prototype . . .

    Production Capabilities

    STADCO produces high precision, high volume parts from a variety of basic materials including aluminum, brass, stainless and carbon steel. We can utilize standard shapes (round, hexagonal, square, etc.) or special shapes (splined, flafted, triangular, etc.). We also do a variety of secondary operations including milling, broaching, grinding, drilling and tapping.

    Production set-ups are designed to allow for the fastest cycle times within quality standards, to reduce your overall costs. We emphasize defect detection and prevention in an environment which stresses continuous improvement.

    All our machinery maintenance and rebuilds are performed in-house by our experienced staff, allowing us to keep our full range of equipment in top working order to better meet your delivery requirements.

    We also do most of our tooling fabrication in-house, to allow for smooth and quick design changes while in production.


    Prototype Capabilities

    Have an idea or design which you need to validate by producing a working model? Need a quick turn-around?  Need parts made to your exact specification?

    STADCO has the expertise to help your engineers design your products in the most cost-effective way for full production.

    We can:

    • help you select raw materials, finishes, tolerance levels.
    • offer plating and heat treating services
    • produce prototypes to very close tolerances
    • deliver on time all your prototype needs.