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Finzer Machines
Burnex utilizes a proven European technology which ultimately can save tooling dollars on any formed metal parts you may have. This is accomplished by bending all of the formed areas of a part in adjustable slides of the machine, not in an expensive multi station progressive die.

Slide technology is nothing new. It utilizes reusable slotted fixtures that move up and down or back and forth within the face of the machine. Each slide is mounted with a form tool unique to the part being produced. Finzer's are similar to but greatly exceed conventional four slide machines. Finzer Machines are fitted with up to IO individually adjustable slides providing flexibility during production that cannot be achieved using conventional four slide technology. Our Finzer's have up to a 28 ton stawing section which allow turning, piercing and shallow drawing of the part prior to forming. With additional coining and shearing capabilities there's no end to its versatility. The slides can be equipped with tapping, riveting and welding units which will alleviate those secondary processes.

Finzer's will also accept feeding of raw material from multiple directions. This flexibility allows for possible sub-assemblies in a production atmosphere. Being able to achieve production speeds of up to 350 strokes per minute, which exceeds average slide machines lends itself to extremely competitively priced high volume production.

Burned is a pioneer in the US using this technology. We have taken it to the next level. Our expertise provides job shop methodology to what was once designated production machinery.

Let us share our 27 years of experience with you and show how this technology will benefit your company.

Multi-Slide Products:

  • Flat Springs
  • Metal Clips
  • Stamped Fasteners
  • J-clips
  • Speed Nuts
  • Precision micro stampings

Machine features which result in lower unit costs, quality assurance & versatile production capabilities:

  • Movable cams designed to increase production speeds & product formability.
  • Variable machine speeds, up to 20,000 pcs. per hour.
  • Capability of feeding above, on or below centerline, for best forming results.
  • Positive feed, adjustable from .010" to 7.87" ( accurate to .00049"' ).
  • Tapping, riveting and spot welding attachments alleviate secondaries.

 In short: this machine combines the precision of a punch press and the versatility of a multi-slide Let us show you what it can do for you.

ISO & QS 9000 Certified

  • Finzer planetary geared stamping and bending machines
  • Four Sides
  • Punch Press Operations
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